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Is there a bug that doesn't let you go past level 5? Or are there just 5 levels?

Asides from that, pretty cool game I like it.

FancyReckless responds:

Did you beat level 5 and didn't get level 6 open? Could you pm me details on this bug please?

Usually this kind of math games are pretty bad, but this one is nicely made.

Also, my math is terrible.

This is very nice.

I think that the energy bars and the damage numbers on the enemies take away from the atmosphere of the game, but that might just be me.

I look forward to the final product.

Reminds me of Sokoban, only much better.

Have you considered integrating integrating Newgrounds scoreboard API? I little competition can make a game that much better.

DarkArcherZxZ responds:

Thanks for the advice. I will definitely add it in the future. for now i will be adding some more features and balancing the game to make it more fun. Thank you for your review :)

This is very nice. The music loop is so short, yet I could listen to it for hours :P

"There he is, fuck him up!"

Plot of every JRPG.

Asides from that, pretty dull :P

Great work, the only things that look a bit rough at the fonts and the splash screen. But since it's a demo I am guessing you will improve those. I got nothing on the game itself, it looks and plays nicely.

Neko-Nicku responds:

Thanks! Yeah most things including the presentation are going to be improved on :) thanks a lot for playing! Check out the kickstarter for some more info on what to expect from the full game!

Great game! Tight controls and excellent presentation.

This is very cool. Was expecting an exact replica of the Spectrum's coloring style, you know with patches of the screen having a certain color and whatever goes in there is tinted like that, but this will do. 5 Stars!


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